Am I the only one in the world who hates Keychains? Mainly because I can't get to grips with what on Earth they're for . . . and that, I think is why I'm in A Mess! :mad:

I upgraded to 10.3.9. Then I tried to buy from iTunes Music Store -- but a pop-up thingy said I had to update my keychain access and that it would affect them all. (All? What 'all'?)

As you can see, I don't have a clue what this means or implies. :rolleyes: But I was ready for trouble.

I went to the Help -- which was UnHelpful -- and then opened Keychaon Access. Now, maybe I should have left well alone. But I clicked things. Not that much seemed to happen.

So I closed Keychain Access and went on my merry way.

THEN another pop-up appeared called Unlock Keychain that said:

Keychain Access wants to use keychain "Microsoft_Intermediate_Certificates".

So I put in my password, clicked OK . . . and nothing happened.
When I clicked Cancel . . . nothing happened.

And nothing continues to happen. The pop-up won't go away and is in front of all the other windows.

How DO I get rid of it? And can anyone tell me where I can read about keychains without getting confused? I think it's about time I found out!!

Thanks in advance.

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It's a resource to store all your varied passwords that you might use for internet sites in one place. Theoretically, you should only have to supply your login password and all the rest of the keychains are unlocked and automatically made available to website and the like.

If you're having troubles with keychains that you cannot resolve with passwords, go to /Users/your_user/Library/Keychains/ and remove the keychain with your username. Restart. And you're starting fresh with keychains.

Thank you for that! I shall get rid, immediately.

Will that get rid of the pesky floating-in-front-of-everything panel?

I'll soon find out!

um... did it work? OMG... I've tried like hell to get Microsoft OUT OF MY LIFE! I'll admit that I do use virtual PC to run XP sometimes, but this is for testing purposes only. As a UI developer, I need to be able to test css/xhtml code in IE6 and IE7. I've a a Windows user most of my life, but 3 months ago I made the switch and can honestly say there is joy in my heart when I sit down to work on my powerbook.

But this damn Microsoft_Intermediate_Certificates is driving me absolutly batty! I have to click OK or cancel (with the password blank) to this popup about 50 times a day now! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!

Is this because I have office 2004 installed on my mac, with Entourage (which I don't even use)?

I hope to doing this keychain thing fixes the problem. I know I'm not the only one seeing this bloody microsoft keychain thing. But searching endlessly, I've yet to find a documented solution.

So it sounds like the solution is to go to...
SYSTEM VOLUME --> Applications --> Utilities --> Keychain Access

and keep that folder blank! What's the downside... reprocusions?

As I've seen most people write in the forum... we'll see.

um... did it work?

Oh, dear ... guess what? I can't remember what I did. :sad:

All I can say is IT'S GONE!!!

I'm going to the Apple Store today, so I'll ask their Geniuses about it, and I'll report back.

(Memo to self: Always make a note of what you do so you can remember for next time! :cheesy: )

OK, I've spoken to the really helpful chaps at the Apple Store, and they said we're certainly not the only ones plagued by the wretched Microsoft_Intermediate_Certificates.

But there's no easy answer, I'm afraid. Apparently it's a problem at Microsoft's end, not a Mac problem. They also talked about Entourage and the Instant Messenger (have I got that right?) causing the problem. So it's really a case of waiting for Microsoft to do some techie tweak.

Some people have found that updating to the latest version of OS X solves the problem. Thinking about it, that's probably how I got over the it; once I'd updated, I didn't get the hassle any more.

BUT ... they said that it's not a sure-fire solution. Sorry about that.

Let us know what you try and how it works.

Good luck!

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