I was curious as to whether I would be able to erase my hard disk and reinstall OS X.

I don't have the install disks for 9.1, but do have them for OS X.

I am having some difficulty with Mozilla, and this comp keeps crashing.

Does anyone have an answer?

Thanks for any help!


You certainly may re-format the computer and install OS X if you have the CD's to do it, and the proper license. If you do not have OS 9 disks, you might want to upload / copy out your OS 9 System folder first before formatting, so that you have OS 9 ready to go when you are all setup again.


You could also install OSX without having to format the drive - but if you're going to start afresh, you may as well do it properly.
Format, install, run software update, fix permissions and you should be ready to rock 'n' roll.
Unless you have particular software requirements you won't need OS 9 at all.

Thanks guys!
I may have another question if I can't find an answer by searching.

Ok....so I could'nt find any others with this problem.......

My powerbook seems to have an issue with crashing.
As I've stated, it's a g3 Lombard 400mhz, 384mb ram, 6 gig hd with 9.1 and 10.2.6 installed.

My wife was using it last night to blog, and while she was in text editor, getting ready to send her post in, the thing crashed. She's had this experience numerous times. On the order of 5 times last night.

I'm wondering if this notebook just does'nt like OS X at all, or if I need to remove 9.1 in order for it to be stable.

The problem with removing 9.1 is that I don't have the install discs for that os, and have no cd burner or floppy drive for this notebook, although I do have a zip drive. Nor do I know how to remove an os from this unit.

Any help out there?????

Thanks again!


I am assuming you were inside of OS X's text editor, and she was about to upload it from there.

How full is your hard drive?

Have you done any disk repairs, or permission repairs? Make them. SOmetimes installing software bungles up the permissions, causing little things to happen. It is a good idea to repair permissions once in a while.

Have you added any memory to this computer recently? Maybe the RAM is going bad,or is pooly installed.

Let us know,


You've got it. I installed OS X on both my Lombard and Pismo Powerbooks -- the Lombard crashed continuously, while the Pismo only froze once in a while.

Eventually, I reformatted and installed OS 9 with updates to 9.2.2 and both run well. Unless you absolutely need OS X on the Lombard, I would remove it in order to get more reliable usage out of your Lombard.