I started installing Tiger from a set of 4 disks. Made it through disc 1 and the 2nd disk was bad. Went and bought Tiger on DVD. Did an upgrade install and when finished and restart, it comes up asking for disc 2 of the first install I tried doing. Any ideas?



I would start up the install from DVD clean. Format the drive, and start over from scratch. It sounds like something is missing and wrong, and as long as you are not out of square 1, you might as well go back to the entrance door.


You could probably get away with a Archive & Install, but I completely agree that you should start over from scratch.

I ended up buying a new HD and installed tiger from the dvd. Once installed, i made new disks of the disk version. Went back to old hd and inserted the new disk 2 and it worked to continue the install. I ended up not losing the files on my original hd.

Thanks for your input.


I read a couple of your posts.

When I installed Tiger my repair guy says I says my drive is fried! Waht should I tell him to look at?


HAve them determine if it is a hardware error, or software. A fried drive implies hardware problems. If that is the case, prepare to purchase a new one, and get your backups ready.