I just bought a used powerbook that had os 9 on it and it came with os x but when i installed os x it says there is no volume to install system folder reinstall os 9.1 or older. i have tried every thing classic aplication will not install i cant get os x programs to install. what should i do ?

OS X 10.0 was the beta version of the modern Mac OS. It really wasn't ready for 'prime time' as they say. Puma (10.1) was a significant leap forward in stability and usability. Jaguar (10.2) was a significant upgrade from Puma, and Panther (10.3) was a significant upgrade from Jaguar.

Assuming your powerbook meets the specs, I suggest spending a little money and purchasing 10.2 or 10.3. Jaguar (10.2) should be easily purchased for very little money, and after Tiger (10.4) comes out, Panther (10.3) should see a drop in price as well.


If you don't mind, would you tell us more about your computer? How much memory RAM does it have installed? How large is the hard drive? You might also want to think about what types of programs you want to run on it... are you all in the OS X world, ord do you have one or two reasons to remain in OS 9?

I would definately FORMAT CLEAN the hard drive, and build the computer from scratch. You should have received the system disks with the unit. You do not want to have any previous owner's spooks to come along with the unit. Build it from scratch.

I agree to target 10.2 or 10.3 The first two versions of OS X were struggles, as any new OS would be. 10.1 was not a disaster, but you could grow old waiting for printouts.


it has 256k ram 20gb harddrive and can i pay and down load a copy of os x 10.2 or os x 10.2

it has 256k ram 20gb harddrive and can i pay and down load a copy of os x 10.2 or os x 10.2

I think you mean 256MB of RAM. You should really tell us which model though, if your powerbook is sufficiently old, it cannot run OS X at all.

No, you cannot pay and download it (nearly 2GB worth of compressed data). You need to order the media from someplace (or buy it from a store).