Hi all,
I've just started using a Mac at work, and someone was resetting my display preference to make the icons appear smaller on the screen. They choose the highest setting, and then my screen went black with a yellow box that says: "Change video mode". I can't get back to any other screen to try and make changes. What do I do???



You should be able to boot the Mac while holding down the SHIFT button. This will cause the comptuer to load with minimal extensions, in the default mode.

You can also reset the PRAM by booting while holding down COMMAND (the apple button) - OPTION - P - R (all four at the same time, when you hear the computer beep/bong). Wait for it to bong a second or third time before letting go. That should reset all of the control panel settings to default. You will need to go through each control panel and make sure it is applicable to your computer.

Let us know if this helps.


It worked! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply ;)

Have a great day!