Hi, i have a PowerBookG4 running running OS X version 10.2.8

im trying to download some web browsers, ive tried firefox, camio and opera.

each one 2 or 3 times, however when the download finishes it will only appear as a excel document, when selected it opens in excel with pages of code.

Is there anything i can do?


Somewhere in your computer's lifetime, it was told that file extensions with .sit or perhaps .hqx or perhaps .dmg should be opened in Excel. I am trying to find where you can configure how the extensions determine applications, but am at a loss for the moment.

In the meantime, you can tell Safari to save the file in a folder, and then after the download is done, go to Stuffit Expander, and manually decompress the file, and mount the disk image.


thank you for your reply,

sorry to keep bothering everyone, but in safari how'd i download to folder? it currently only allows me to download to disc.

Opera and firefox are .dmg files

sorry again


i think the problem maybe the fact diskimagemounter no longer appears to be on my system. obviously something i have done.

when a .dmg file is downloading it appearrs on the the desktop as a plain white piece of paper and i know it should have your 'home' symbol in the middle of it.

anything with .dmg on the end just converts to an excel file when finished, or opened! but i know the white disk image should appear when finished and it does not.

can i get the diskimagemounter back on my machine, without the use of a .dmg file?