I am running OS9.2 on my new G4. OS10 is also on the computer, but I don't want to go through the headache or expense of upgrading all my software to run on OS10.

Just purchased Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Unfortunately, it only runs on OS10.

Can I alternate easily between the 2 systems without rebooting so that I can use Dreamweaver when I need to without changing everything over to OS10?

Thanks for any help!

What headaches? My Mac runs 9 and X and there is no problem anywhere. The appropriate OS is opened up for whatever app I run. The machine shipped with Jaguar and was upgraded to Panther with no problems. Or perhaps I don't understand your question

I have a similar problem and question. My G4 Mac has two start up disks: Mac OS 9.2.1 and Mac OS X 10.2.3 on the hard drive. I have an epson printer (stylus 1270) that worked well on OS 9. When my daughter put OS X on the computer (classic), we had to get a new plug in for my printer. Epson doesn't make plug ins for printers to use on OS X. The plug in came from Apple and it is in the Print Center. There are fewer things to select in the Print center set up. For instance, I no longer can select Photo Enhance or to get sepia. All the art work I used to print when I only had OS 9 looks just awful when I use my printer on OS X. I am wondering if I could select OS 9.2.1 for start up and then put my printer back on that one and still use it that way. I have a new Epson scanner that works fine on OS X. Both the printer and scanner are on USB bus 1. Would both have to be on OS 9.2.1? I don't know much about computers and my kids who work on the computer for me are out of town for extended times. I am afraid to change too much without asking someone. Is a printer called an application? Thank you, Hasset