:?: Hey all. I am a dsl tech support for Windows. I know nothing about Mac and now for some reason they are making us take Mac calls also. Does anyone know a website or websites that are good for training to learn how to use the Mac computers? If so, please reply back to me. I would really like to know. Thanks:!:

So that's why the support guys never can help: they simply "know nothing about Macs"... ;o)

Dude, download the Mac OS X Bibel (about 27mb PDF). You should be able to find it using Bittorrent. I think I have seen it at:


mad mouse madness ...help!! (This is not a reply - a new posting did not know where to send it )
either my mac mouse is mad at me or its driving me mad! Have installed a router to my mac but did something stupid. now my mouse is mad at me & is frozen. Messages are;
An error has been detected in the list of ADB devices maintained by the system (133)
Applevivion did not load properly
Error oxoooo 8 OE8
I have no idea what this means...my bros Mac OS8 & not responding to my rescue requests.....its driving me mad
Any responses must assume I know nothing....as basicly I don't & either explain the potential problem very clearly without any comp lingo or refer me to a free mac info help site