Hi folks,

i had to install a Windows-emulator in my mac---wintel 1.01.
And i wanted to install WinXP. After the setup a blue screen appeared. Somethings wrong with the VGA. something with an non-ending loop, and i should try to install some drivers. But for an emulator it's not neccessary i've thought...hm...
and with "blue screens" i dont have any experiences...only a mac user. but maybe a mac or windows -user could help me..

So, does anybody has a suggestion what to do?

thanks in advance

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Get Virtual PC 6 and install it with windows 2000. Why Windows 2000 not XP, because it is SOOOOO SLOOOOW!! Windows 2000 is pretty reliable and much faster in most Macs. Don't ask me where to get these software...

I do have some gripes, Virtual PC 6.1 is shitty, It boots slow as ****, Microsoft provides you horrible documentation with the XP pkg. There is little to none accurate documentation on the install or the configuring of VPC6.1. When you do find a VPC forum the people are little to no help on the matter at hand. The persons who wrote the M$ xp VPC6.1 manual are from another planet and if it is your first time with a iMAC your in for a treat. But hey, I guess you have to use whats available. When they do come out with a version of VPC for the G5 I bet it will have crappy documentation aswell. I hope the chief manual editor was fired at microsoft. as****le

come on guys lets's rag on M$

I have been trying to find out more about virtual pc because my boss bought a program that is pc for his wife, and had me by virtual pc, but am having a problem getting it to come up. I've installed the software, but when I open virtual pc, it asks me to hit the a key or the c key. The instructions, suk and I'm getting no where. What I want to know......do I have to buy a windows to get this thing up and running, or does it run on one of the mac operating systems (os 9.2 or osx). Cause if I have to buy a windows problem, I am telling my bosses to sell the crap and buy macintosh software. Also, if I got virtual pc up and running, and my boss gets on the net thru os 9.2, will she be hit with viruses because of this software. I need a simple yeah or nah! Thanks :rolleyes:


My experience with Virtual PC is from the version 5 days, and using Windows 2000.

It was too slow to be functional for me on my 333 MHz PowerBook G3... but it did work.

Virtual PC sets up a virtual machine -- a computer inside your computer -- that runs the windows software ontop of the mac software. Your Windows materials will be all contained inside thaat one VM, and yes, it can be infected with a virus. Your Mac might be fine, but your Windows inside virtual PC can get infected. The windows viruses will not affect your Mac, but could affect the network because the viral code will execute inside the Windows area, and will hit the network.

Easiest is to get the Mac software. If it is not available for Mac, you might have some challenges. Let us know.


So, Christiana, if I understand correctly.....I will have to buy a Windows Operating System to get this thing going on my bosses computer?

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