hi i am new to this site and new to mac as well. i have some 1/2 downloaded mp3 files that won't let me delete them. it says they are being used by another task. this has been happening for the past 3 months. does anyone know how to get hese off my desktop please?


This is most likely the result of whatever program you're using to download or play the mp3s still being open. One of the differences between osx and windows out of the box is that when you [x] out an application with a mac, the program doesn't quit. So let's say you're using some mp3 download app and it poops out on the transfer, you try to delete the mp3 but it's still being used by the program (just like in windows). You can remove them manually via the console (ie. rm *bad.mp3) or you can probably just -Quit- the application and then delete them from the finder or whatever. Just my 2cents.


thanks guys, itunes was definately not open. these things had been on my desktop for months so we are talking about hundreds of shut downs and restarts. but the good news is i finally got rid of them. if i would have read the rest of the forum before posting i would have found my answer. i just downloaded eraser pro and it deleted them with no problem.

thanks again for the help :D

One should repair permissions after insatlling ANYTHING... EVERY TIME something is installed. Installers suck at setting the correct permissions. Your problem IS a permissions problem. You should open the NetInfo Manager (in utilities) and set a root password, if you havnt already done that, then boot from the install CD and run the utility program on the boot partition. Run Repairs, then Run Permissions.

Good Luck


To expand on MacTecTom's idea there, you will need to work NetInfo as a administrator of the computer (note that administrator here does not mean root account).

In order to set the root password, find the root user, and remove the * in the password field. Leave the password blank. Save the domain. Quit the NetInfo program.

Next, open a terminal. Type in:

su -

Then, type in


and then enter in a password. the Computer will ask you to re-type it. Note that the computer will not display any stars or dots or anything for the characters you type in.


thank you guys...i will repair the permissions after i install anything :p

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