Hi guys, my first post. Here's the low-down...

I just got my first Apple machine the other day, a G4 iBook, I think it's great. Having used FreeBSD as a desktop OS for the last 4 years I didn't find any obstacles in making the "switch". Only one really small thing that's kind of annoying:

For those of you familiar with X11 and BitchX, one of the nicest thing about the console based irc client is the ability to switch between channels by using a combination of Alt+#keys (ie. Alt+1 = channel 1, Alt+2 = channel2 etc..). Using the native terminal in OSX I ssh'd to my remote shell and fired up the client. The problem is, when I do attempt these key combinations it ends up highlighting and/or starting programs from the OSX pulldown menu. I've gone through the window->keyboard settings and found nothing useful in terms of remapping the keys.

While I know this is a really isolated and specific question.. I thought maybe someone had found a solution.. and please don't say "use Snak/Ircle/etc. etc." :P

Thanks in advance!


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This has nothing to do with your question, unfortunately. But by any chance have you tried out Fink on the Mac? It's a sudo-port of Debian which lets you run bitchX and bitchX-gtk natively in the mac


Thanks for the advice, but fink sets me up the bomb. I just realized there's no compiler as part of the base system, so I get the obvious no cc/gcc errors *poof*. The packages download fine, but when it runs through the configure script there's always flakiness when it tries to find the compiler...

for example:

checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... no
checking for cc... no
checking for cl... no
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
### execution of ./configure failed, exit code 1
Failed: compiling bitchx-1.0c19-30 failed

we have no c compiler there or anywhere..

kloe:~ root# fink list *gcc*
Information about 1112 packages read in 1 seconds.

can't even install it thru fink.. so I leave this to the Mac community who perhaps knows why something so critical would be left out :(



PS. Fink appears to be trying to use gcc-offshoot from /sw/fink/10.2-gcc3.3 which would explain the path issue, however there is no gcc binary recursively within this directory. Blah.


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