I have a G4 and have system software on two partitions. they are both 9. i was going to do some maintanence on my main startup drive so chose the other disk as startup. now my computer will not boot at all. must of been some problem with the system on the other disk. i have pressed option on boot, and both systems appear,... but the mouse won't stop doing the clock with the spinning thingy -- basically, even though i am at the right place to choose the other startup disk, i cannot because the mousy never turns into an arrow. any suggestions??? :cry:

never mind. i figured it out. i decided to disconnect all other drives in the computer (apart from the one with the startup disks on partitions). the clock-mouse only spinned for a minute and then i was able to choose the startup disk that worked. sorry to bug ya'll. :o


I think you forgot to "bless" the system folder on the second drive, or it is also possible that you had a SCSI ID conflict. How do you bless? After you copy the system folder to a new location (or build a new one!), you open it, and then close it, and ensure that the little system smiley is inside the folder icon on the new disk. This means that the Mac OS has recognized the folder as a valid system folder.

Glad it is working properly for you now though.