When I start the pc sometimes, it boots then totally shut itself off (turn off). How do I fix this problem? I already tried to fix it thru sys c: command in dos and reinstallation of windows but it still happens... Thanks!


Re Installation will not help, cause your kernel was affected. Format the drive before re installing.

(I wonder, why you are still using Windows 98?)

Hi priya,

I already tried some OS but I would prefer to use win98se than the others. Sorry I forgot to mention it before: fdisk, format, and clean install were also already done but the problem has still happened. The pc runs normally but sometimes, the problem occurs. When I start the pc again it goes to Microsoft Start Menu w/ Normal, Boot Logged, Safe Mode, Command Prompt..... I use Normal Mode then it boots normally again. Thanks

There's a few things you can check. Go to the Microsoft web site and read these articles. One may apply to your situation.

Windows 95/98 Boots Directly to "Shut Down" Screen http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;141898

Troubleshooting Windows 98 Startup Problems http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;188867

And "_priya_" is correct. You should get rid of Win98SE. Microsoft no longer supports that OS and does not issue any updates or fixes as technology changes. You need to go to XP Home as even Windows ME is soon to be dropped by Microsoft. You could go to Win 2000 as they will continue to support that version for a few more years. The problem you will face, however, is that your current computer hardware and BIOS may not support the move to XP. You may be forced to buy a new PC if you want to make this move.

Ok I will try to analyze both links that you have mentioned. Thank you very much, priya and Rueful Rogue, for sharing your knowledge w/me...Have a nice day

hi priya,

I went to that site, checked my pc configuration and I found no conflicts within the system. I did not also considered the overheating factor coz sometimes start/shut down problem has happened during cold boot so no overheating will occur. I already replaced the memory stick w/ a new one but the problem persists. However, at present, I have not encountered such problem. Hope it will continue running normally. Thank you very much, priya...

A slight faliure in Mobo can result in failures, but does ur pc directly go shutdown screen if so reinstall windows.

hi a1whs.com,

Maybe you're right... slight failure in the system is caused by the mobo (5 year old mobo). At present, the pc runs normally and no problem has been encountered. Let's see what will happen in the future. Okay, thank you very much

You could try resetting the Extended System Configuration Data (ESCD) in your bios, if your BIOS has that feature, that may possibly eliminate hardware issues with your system, if that is the cause.

To reset the ESCD: Boot your system and enter the BIOS setup ( http://www.google.com/search?q=enter+BIOS+setup ); poke around on the various settings pages until you find something like "reset configuration data," "reset ESCD," or similar verbiage. Then save the changes and exit. (Copied from the Langalist newsletter)

Now, as far as still using win98, there is a download where you can combine the best features of ME with Win98SE, as long as you have Win98SE, see this sight: http://www.mdgx.com/

I put this upgrade on one of my computers a couple weeks ago, and so far it runs pretty good.

Hi just a nobody,

My pc bios does not contain "Reset Configuration Data" features. It's Compaq bios. I will try to load that application once I have downloaded it from the site. Thank you...