The "Paper airplane," icon that you "click," on to send mail is no longer showing on my mailbox toolbar. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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Paper airplane? What mail client do you use? "Mail" ?? I use Entourage so sorry I don't think I can help you :(

Is it just the paper airplane or the whole toolbar?

It is just the paper airplane that has disapeared. The rest of the "tool bar," looks normal. I should also mention that I have several hundred e-mails in my "Sent" folder. Could it be a memory problem? I don't want to delete them and I'm not sure how to save them to a CD. When I drag them to disk they jump back to the sent folder.

Sounds like a major problem with your Mail application. Have you deleted some files by mistake in the library or application folder? I would suggest you to reinstall Apple Mail. There is a software that can install only the Mail application not the whole OS. Go to and search for it. I think the software was called something like "patition"!?

Hope you get it fixed! I love the Mail application and I don't use Entourage :)

Thanks to you good people that tried to help. I have since found the solution to the problem - a rather simple solution. A friend of mine came by to help me out . He is a "Windows," user and he clicked the upper right button with the intentions of closing out. This reverted the toolbar back to it's original look. My daughter, who is a "Windows," user had been the last one to use it and this is what she had done. The top right button is one I never had need to click on before which is why it never occured to me to try it.

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