I really don't know if this is more of a Mac of C++ question but.. I am doing a loading of a file with

short CSVload (char * filename) //called from main
//openning a file and checking if it exists
    FILE * datafile = NULL;
    if ((datafile=fopen (filename, "r"))==NULL)
        printf ("\nError - no file found");
        return -1;
//finding size of the file
    fseek (datafile,0,SEEK_END);
    int filesize = ftell (datafile);
    rewind (datafile);  
//allocating a string of a size of a file
 char * data;
    data = new char (filesize+2); //+2 just to be safe
//reading file (I am using getc but I simplified for this post) 
 fscanf (datafile,"%s", data);
//closing file
fclose (datafile);
//printing the file
 printf ("\nThe data is:\n%s",data);
//deleting data
delete [] data;
//returning success
    return 0;

and the program seems to be freezing every time I call this function.. I have asked somebody why this code doesn't work on OS 9.2 on G3 and the answer was that maybe I am allocating onto the system memory since OS9.2 doesn't protect it's memory like win2k or redhat 9.0 linux (my other systems). My compiler is a very old Code Warrior 7.0 Gold Edition (I usually don't use Mac's, nor this version of CW (I am only doing mac now because of my internship)).
If you can, please help,
Thank you in advance,

in my mind Linux is the best way to go when programming c/c++

The code does, indeed, work in windows or linux? Sorry, I'm not all that familiar with any mac development tools.

I actually solved that problem. And am quitee further in the program now. I am using fgets () to get the string (each string gets an feof () check) and then am parsing the string fith strtok after duplicating it with a self made (my compiler at General Atomics (internship) is not using std libs unfortunatly so I have to often make my own) strdup(); But I am way oer the loading stage now...
P.S.: Thanks for paying attention though