hello all, first time post, long time reader.
this is a seemingly simple problem, but it's driving me nuts!

this only happens in IE, but whenever i click on a link, or just click on anything in general in IE, my mouse automatically brings up the options list that you usually get when you hold down the command button. this doesn't seem too bad, except for when you click on a link, have to click escape, and then press enter to browse through websites.. but the strange thing is, it's only in IE. any ideas what to do? i've tried to toy with the mouse, disconnecting it and putting it back in, swearing at it, and cursing at IE. what did i do to deserve such a terrible hair puller? i refuse to bang my mouse around like an idiot, there must be a reason why this is happening... can anyone help me out?
...i'm desperate!

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First of all, great to have you as a member frisky :) What mouse are you using? Is it the Apple Pro mouse? A two button or three button mouse? Did you install the mouse drivers or let the OS just use the default drivers? Also, what OS are you using? OS9? OSX?


I'm using OSX and it's an Apple Pro mouse. I used the default drivers when all was installed. I gave up though with IE, and just installed Opera. :rolleyes: I'm curious to see what made this happen particularly in IE though. Do you guys think that Opera is a good enough browser though? I just made "the switch" last year, and I'm still acclimating to little things here. Better yet, which browser is your particular favorite?


For my mac, I love Safari. And for Windows, I use either IE or Mozilla. I don't like IE for the mac at all. :)


this is happening to me in safari and word, finder,many things. when it feels like it, and won't open things sometimes(most) when clicked


The same problem has occured to me 20 mins ago while using safari and it's already driving me insane. How can I go back to my mouse's normal settings?


Microsoft dropped support for IE on the mac platform I believe in 2004. That would be back in the days of Panther. You state that you are using a apple pro mouse (magic mouse?), so your mac should be rather new. The only way you are going to get IE to work is to Use bootcamp and install windows or use Parallels or Vmware packages.
The mouse is fully configurable (OS 10.6.2) in system preferences>hardware>mouse. I am not sure what you mean by "apple Pro mouse". Do you mean "magic mouse" ie wireless, or do you mean standard mouse ie USB.
Should it be a standard mouse, I would like to know if it has always acted in this manor or is is something recent. I have found that one of the reasons that a mouse misbehaves is the surface that it is on. It should not be a thick piece of glass as it can refract the light or a red surface as it would absorb on not reflect the light. On the wireless side, try replacing the batteries. Also, because it is a bluetooth device, re-pair it (re-sync it).

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I've had my emac for a couple of months now. A few weeks ago the mouse would not open my hard drive icon or any emails. I can still access them by clicking open file or reply on emails. The mouse works fine for everything else. Sometimes, it will open the emails and hard drive if I click it 6-8 times real fast. I've unplugged the USB and replugged it in another USB port and it didn't help. One time I went to Universal Access and checked all mouse setting to the fastest speed and shortest delay for reaction. That time it fixed the problem but not this time. HELP! Is my Pro Mouse cable wearing out? Do I need a new one?

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