Hi guys

I dont know alot about MACs but a charity I help out has asked me to do the following:

-I have a rough system in place but it isn't efficient (it has just evolved over time) - I often spend a long time searching for a file and may have several versions (which confuses the issue). We need a clearer and more logical separation of ArtSpokes and personal files.

They are a tiny organisation - so networking isn't an issue at the moment.

They also mail out to all the local primary schools every two weeks We would like to know the most efficient way to do this.

We haven't done a mail merge before. Up to now they have sent out batches of 10 mails in a very archaic and primitive way directly from our email. They have Office for Mac.

Any help on this would be great they currently have:

a second HD installed with Mountain Lion and they want to reorganise files on the original drive - Snow Leopard - and then transfer them onto the new drive so that it is set up properly from the start in an orderly fashion.

Any help would be great

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Is there an Apple store near you? Their "gurus" are usually quite helpful for this sort of stuff. Worth a visit, in any case, and cheap at twice the price (free).


Rubberman I dont think there is one in Edinburgh and I am not sure how much i trust there "gurus"

Any other help would be great

@thelosyboy: I am trying to answer your question to the points I have understood in my way:

1) transfer of files from Snow Leopard to Mountain lion? - Use Migrant Assiatant


2) One of your line reads - " We need a clearer and more logical separation of ArtSpokes and personal files."? Are you looking for a free clean my Mac app? If so then try CCleaner or Stellar Speedup Mac free freature to clean hard drive.

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