My Mac address book syncs itself with my iPhone. Somehow (I think through Microsoft Entourage??) it silently added contacts to the address book for everyone I sent/received an email to/from. I now have thousands of contacts that have an email address only with no phone number, and I don't want these to be in my address book.

How can I clean out my address book by removing every contact without a phone number?? When I go into the address book and select Export, it only gives me the option of downloading a .abbu package which represents an archive file ... nothing editable.

Is there any way that I can download all of my contacts into an excel file, clean them up, and then reimport them??

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I was actually able to get this resolved by using Microsoft Entourage. Entourage gave me an easy way to clean the list, and then I was able to export it and import it back into OS X Address Book.

Thanks anyways!! :)

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