Yes it was a very dumb thing to do, I realised about a second after I did it. In my defence I was actually waiting for a UPS shipment, which was the subject of the phishing mail. The attached file was zipped and I didn't open it, I immediately deleted it.

I'm in the process of running a full ClamXav scan. If it turns nothing up am I in the clear, or do I have to do further checking for infection?

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When You delete something, the data IS STILL THERE! It will be replaced, but the only way to 100% sure to get rid of it, is to fill up your hard drive.

There is a Linux application call shred which will erase a file after filling it with random bytes and finally with zeros. Since this is an open source program, I expect it is also available for the Mac.

I understand but I've already deleted it. ClamXav didn't turn up anything. I'm open to suggestions.

I understand but I've already deleted it.

You could undelete it, then shred it. OR you could use dd if=/dev/urandom of=filler to fill up the empty space on your disk with random data. Just to be sure that the file's data still isnt there

Well I ran Remo Recover and I couldn't see the file anywhere, so I can only assume it's been overwritten. "dd if=/dev/urandom of=filler" I would run this script but I'm afraid I don't know what it is.

Oops sorry - I assumed you were using Linux.

Usually, if you delete a zip file that hasn't been opened, you're good to go. Use Secure Delete (and that can be adjusted to more secure levels) and you're even better off. Takes longer because it over writes more than standard Delete.

Nice One! Thanks. I've since upgraded to mavericks, so I imagine I'm fine.

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