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Have you ever been thinking to make calendar by yourself? Use your own photo album as decorating picture and mark some special day with special tags rather than only red circle in the calendar. you will get the chance to use free calendar templates to make calendar on Mac for the very first time! Here let's make calendar together!

Step 1: Launch iCollage for Mac and Choose the Suitable Template
Free Download the iCollage for Mac and Launch it, select "Create a New Collage". Then Choose the Calendar template you like.

Step 2: Change the Template if You Do Not Like
If you change your mind and want to use another calendar, click Template button on the top of the interface. And you can choose another template you like by picking templates and clicking Choose. Another operation interface will pop up.

Step 3: Edit Your Calendar Template
Drag photo to the template and add some elements to the calendar. Click Decoration and drag elements from "My Element" to mark some special day. Click Textbox to write down some words to remind you the special day.

Step 4: Print Out Your Calendar
After editing, you can click Print button and start the print settings. You can also preview the print effect before printing. Click Print button after finishing setting.
Print out the twelve months and you will have a beautiful handcraft calendar. Of course, you can make more to send to your family and friends!

Resources: Use Calendar template to make calendar on mac

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