Chrome just prompted me to restart to update to the latest version, as it sometimes does. I did it, and the browser looks entirely different. Completely unexpected. It looks more like Firefox now, IIRC. Not really a problem with it, just surprised and thought I'd comment.

Just looked and I have Version 69.0.3497.92 (Official Build) (64-bit).

What version did you have and what is the version now?

That is, I haven't seen any big change.


On macOS.

You don't notice the entirely new window rendering and new design for tabs? And new look of the URI bar? (Which, pretty much covers every aspect there is to a web browser lol).

They did a whole visual refresh as part of their tenth birthday celebration. Hard to imagine that eleven years ago Firefox was fast catching up to IE and it looked like it was going to be a two horse race for the foreseeable future.

To me it's subtle and didn't notice it till you called it out.

The only news to me was about Chrome hiding the real URL. That is, changing your URL to omit the www. and .m.

That is an area I'm going to write "does not need fixing." The moment you tinker with the URL like that, is when I worry that I'm at the site I wanted to be at.

-> I think the reason I don't notice such things is I bounce from machine to machine to mobile to another machine during the week and the exact rendering changes along the way. Thanks for pointing it out.

To me it's subtle and didn't notice it till you called it out.

I think because I've had my head buried in front-end web dev lately, with the whole DaniWeb/Dazah merger.

That being said, I'm not noticing the changes you're pointing out on the vortex website. URL looks like to me.

There was backlash against URL tampering and the change was rolled back for now. You can imagine the support issues when folk report issues and they supply you with the tampered URL.