I haven't been able to find anything on this that's very useful anywhere else. Does anybody know if any of the available Virtual Machine software out there works the .NET framework? It make sense to me that it would. If you can install Windows XP or Vista, you should be able to use the .NET framework, right? I'm asking because I have a MacBook and I recently started programming in C#. I know there are .NET Framework ports available, like Mono, but I guess I'm too stupid to make that work, and that's another topic all together.

Anyways, does anyone know for sure that .NET stuff will work with any of these VMs? I'd much rather know than spend $80 on Parallels and not have the functionality I bought it for in the first place.

Yes, it works excellent in Parallels, VMWare, and just about any other Windows emulator you can think of.

Swell! Thanks.

It's not working with WineBottle ( virtual pc )
I wouldnt really like having to install windows on my macbook just because of a single application (PC) wich I just bought over the internet.
Thats why I thought wine should solve my problem. But I'm having the nasty .Netframework issues.

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