Have produced both a simple cube animation as well as a VR object movie in c4d and saved as quicktime movies.

Unfortunately my client ( who is on a PC) cannot open them despite having downloaded the latest quicktime 7.1.3.

How can I resolve this - I am sending the movies from Outlook Express.

Thanks in anticipation


You could try using a different video codec (format).

If you have QuickTime Pro, after you open the movie, you can select File->Export... and then choose one of the several formats listed. Probably some of the best ones to use are WMV, DV if the file is small, or perhaps MPEG-4.

If you don't have QuickTime Pro, you can download FFMpegX, which can also do similar conversion procedures as QuickTime Pro, although the setup is a little bit more complicated than QuickTime Pro.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply - I also received this from Dr Howard Oakley at Macuser Magazine


The common problems that can catch are:
- not 'flattening' the movie and making it entire. You can address this by
saving from Player using Save As... and choosing the upper option to make
the movie entire.
- using a codec that is not supported on the PC. I don't think that
animations are supported, for example, so you may need to export that in
another format. With QT products installed on your Mac, it is common to have
third-party codecs that are not part of the standard Mac install, so it is
worth checking which are available on the target system.
- not using the right extension etc., which of course PCs are unduly
concerned with.

QuickTime for Windows also has slightly different controls - it is a long
time since I last used it for a VR file, so I cannot recall whether it
should have mouse support the same as on Mac.

I hope that helps,
Very best regards,

Dr Howard Oakley
The Works columnist for MacUser magazine (UK)