I have shared my printer on my windows XP machine and added it to my Mac but when I print I get blank pages and the printer does not know when to stop. Am I missing something?

Hello Nemesis,

Because your Mac is creating pages on the XP's printer, I assume that the permissions are proper, the network is working, and your XP box is alive and functioning as a print server.

Macintosh computers are either local and proproitery (pardon that spelling!) such as the Personal LaserWriter LS (serial), Epson C80 (usb), or HP LaserJet 2100, or the printers are networked and Postscript.

I would look at the print driver on the Mac and see if it is the proper one for that printer. It is possible that XP computer is advertising (serving) using AppleTalk (protocol) on the LAN, but if it is not Postscript compatable, your printer may have troubles with the print language.

Look on the first or second pages of the printout. If you see something like

%Adobe Postscript

or a bunch of things with % in them, then you are having a Postscript issue.

Good Luck,


I really did not know what was going on and yes the % adobe did come out on the first page. I went through all the settings and nothing worked. So I purchased PC MACLAN and the file server works fine but the print server seems not to be working. I am still looking through the manual so as soon as I finish I would get back to you.