hey all,

i was wondering what ppls opinions of trackballs were, do u think there still good? do ppl still buy them, or are they just too different and no1 gets em anymore, or, if u have a trackball, how is it? tell me watcha think, im thinkin of gettin 1 or just a cordless desktop set

Thanks for reading :) :cool:

heres an example of wot im interested in...



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My first computer had one of those Logitech trackballs (back in the day before optical was out). It was eh. I like mice better, personally. My mom still swears by trackballs.

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I have a friend who is taking networking with me at the tech school, who uses a track ball. The librarian used one at my high school when I was there. I used one aswell ... yeah they are alright, its somthing different. It was fun to steal the balls out of them :cheesy: ... "as a joke, hehehe".

I'm not sure if they cut down on the possibility of carpal tunnel apart from using mouses.

Speaking of which the technical term for more than one mouse is mouses, "weird, huh?", but I'll use either mice or mouses. <ramble mode = off>

They are good for when you have very little space on your computer desk. They are kind of retro too. I have one, but I much rather use a laser mouse. The wireless kind you have to buy batteries for and can get lost easier. For now I will stick with my laser mouse :)

Goto microsoft.com and check on some of there assecories they have like trackball mouses and wireless mouses. Youll see that its pretty hot. Neat colors. All kinds like neons and stuff. I just bought 1 not too long ago from them. And it is looking and working so awsome man.

I've never liked them, which may be caused by the fact that I've only ever seen right handed ones and I'm totally left handed.

I've trouble even finding a GOOD mouse as all the quality models are sculpted for right handed use only :mad: :evil:

main reason to use a trackball (if I could find one I can use and like) would be because they limit micromovement of the mouse hand and therefore reduce the risk of RSI which is not to be discounted, especially for IT workers (which is one reason I use a €100 keyboard and an €80 mouse).

I like trackballs, except for doing Desktop publishing/digital art and gaming. If I didn't do both of those frequently, I'd probably use a trackball.

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of switching over to a trackball at work, as I don't do either of those activities there.

im not fussed. they all do vrtually the same thing

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