Hi there
I used to have an old iMac, running Mac OS 9.2. If I wanted to hear what I plugged in the audio input, I went to audio settings and clicked on "play through". Now I have an eMac running Panther (10.3.4) and in audio settings, the option play through doesn't exist. By adjustin the volume, I can see there's something coming in. How can I hear what I plug into the audio input? I used to plug a minidisc and listened to it through the mac speakers. How can I do this with Panther?
Thank you

I've been to a site and downloaded a very lil thing called LineIn http://www.rogueamoeba.com/freebies/downloads/linein.dmg
It's less than 400 KB. It works! Now I can plug my minidisc and listen to it through the speakers. even better, I can plug my guitar into the line in, open Cubase, apply a amp simulation plugin and it's like I was using a real amp (well, it's not a Marshall but better than nothing).


Thank you for posting what you found. Do appreciate it.