Last week, I was able to listen to on line, with Safari. As of friday, I could not. Before friday, I would click on the appropriate link at the site, and Safari would open up a small Safari window that seemed to function as a RealPlayer, and all was well. When I tried this on Friday afternoon, instead of opening another Safari window, it launched a download (a *.ram file -??), and iTunes would not play it.

I tried 'manually' opening the downloaded .ram files with Safari, but it won't open the .ram files at all.

I reluctantly opened IE and tried it there. It also downloads a file ("," not a .ram file), then plays it with RealPlayer.

I hope I'm not forgetting/missing something really obvious. I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!



I have RealPlayer installed, and when I go to that website, and click on LISTEN LIVE!, it fires up Real Player, and after about 15 seconds, the show plays just fine. I am running OS X 10.3.3

iTunes was recently upgraded; I am running 4.4 and heard that 4.5 does some things with Digital rights that breaks down Toast, and some other applications concerning music.

In order to get Safari to go right to Real Audio, you might need to re-install / upgrade Real Audio player. As powerful as a browser Safari is, I did not see places to fine-tune the program like I am used to in Mozilla / Firefox. I have been using Safari more these days due to it's great support on DaniWeb.

Give it a try, and let us know.