Can anyone help, I am trying to access my place of work from home without much success.

I can log in, it then says:

'Welcome to the Radian Citrix Portal, please note that to use this service you must install either the Citrix Web Client (using the link below) or you must have Java installed on your machine. '

It also says:

If you do not have the MetaFrame Presentation Server Client for Macintosh, you must install the client to launch the applications.

Install the client by clicking one of the icons below, appropriate to your system.

( This is all it offers) MetaFrame Presentation Server Client for Macintosh OS9 compatible systems.

There are lots of little icons for citrix excel, word, powerpoint, outlook etc

If I click on any of these icons it asks we where I want to save them to and that they are an ICAfile.

I am operating off the new Leopard before I had Panther and had no joy there but just thought I had an old system that wasn't compatible.

I now that Leopard has Java, is there something I need to do to te settings, why wont the citrix I have down loaded work, can anybody help please, it would save me have to go into the office sometimes which is always a bonus!! Can not get advice from the office as it might damage my apple!!!!

Success after months!!

I always use a web browser called FireFox, decided to try Safari and it works. Hooray!!

If anyone can explain to me why it will work on one and not the other I would be most greatful.

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