Am having difficulty installing some Picture Package software from a CD-Rom (came with digital camera)

when i click on the disc on hard drive i have a list of files (which make particular sense to me) and i need to select an 'application' to open them. when i try i can't select any.

am not the best with technology....if question to vague to receive any help on forum, does anyone know of a telephone helpline i could call.

i have an antiquated blueberry mac with OSX on it.

many thanks !

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How sure are you that the CD's software is for a Mac? Sounds more likely that it's for a PC (Windows). There should clearly be an installer if there's a Mac version of the software. Otherwise, you should go to the camera's manufacturer's website and try and download the latest version of the software.. assuming it has a Mac version.


What king of camera it is ?
Likes it is says it could be a PC cd install , so you see files with a (.exe) at the end . So try to get the version for MAC.. !


picture package is only for a windows pc. your mac's iphoto, imovie and idvd software can do all the things pp can.

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