HI! I own an Imac and I'm running on OS X 10.2

I use Netscape Communicator as email client and I had had no problems until now. Whenever I'm trying to send e-mail from any e-mail client I get a message saying I could not connect to my SMTP server. I checked with support service and the server is fine. THe problem is not only with Netscape (which is by the way correctly configured), but also with Entourage, Mail, etc. I tried opening the SMTP server from "Terminal" but my connection was rejected.

There is something in my Mac's configuration that keeps me from connecting with SMTP server. Any ideas?

Thank you


It is possible that your ISP switched SMTP servers. Here is a quick way to check:

-- open the terminal
-- telnet to "smtp.yourisp.com 25"

if that fails, quickly telnet "ipnumbers.of.yourisp.com 25" to rule out a DNS problem.

If you don't receive a rejection notice, then you are doing well. If you DO, then check to make sure that the ISP has not changed server names. Try telnetting to other servers, and see if there is a larger problem... perhaps DNS is not setup properly.

Let us know,