I'm just a new to autocad and I am quite familariar with the engineering drawings.
Since in the othographic view we need to draw some view like top view, front and the side view. I came to know about the something transform of 2D figure to the 3D using more than 1 Views of an object.

Can you please help me in this situation???

Hai Rhohitman,
to transform 2D figure to 3D,
1) u have to make ur 2D figure as one polyline by using boundary tool (at Draw tool bar),
2) then create ur 2D drawing as an one region by clicking Region button (Draw tool bar) and select all the 2D drawing that u want to transform.
3) Next, to make it as an 3D object use extrude. (Draw->Solids->Extrude)
4) Select the 2D object and define the lenght of the object (z axis).
For angle of taper, just type 0.
5)To view ur 3D object, (View->3D View) or (View->3D orbit).

gud luck....
University Technology Of Petronas, Malaysian student..

I mean to say using the two or more views of the object. Is this thing possible in the autocad??

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