I have Windows ME and was wondering if adding more memory would somewhat speed up the system? I am not looking for a DSL or cable type of loading but my system takes forever to open a page. Someone told me that if I add memory it would speed it up somewhat. Any help would be appreciated.

Heidi :cheesy:

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Hi Heidi,

this depends pretty much on how much RAM you have installed already :mrgreen: If you have less than 256MB, I would agree that it could speed up... something. But I doubt that this speeds up your web page loading much if you're on a non-DSL line. Today's websites cram more and more data, bigger pictures, flash animation and stuff through your line and that's the bottleneck. But if you're on 128MB or alike, such a website could hog all the memory alone and there is no RAM left for ME. But then your whole system becomes sluggish when you load such a "big" website.

Hi Heidi, welcome to Daniweb!

Regarding your memroy problem, please note that Windows ME has a probelm with too much memory. It can only handle up to 384mb of memroy (acheived with one 265mb and one 128mb stick.) Anymore than this and Windows ME can cause all sorts of problems. You could also try looking for newer Video Card drivers as this can also speed up slow web pages as I found out to my cost!! (spending nearly £50 on memery only to find that downloading the latest video card drivers on my computer made it work better!!) But, as mentioned before if you only have Dial-Up, more memory isn't going to help that much.

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