I want to get rite to the nittygritty before all the formal intros.
Athelon 700mhz with 98SE and several sp's.
I recently wanted to try using outlook express but am afraid I've gotten rid of it. I've deleted all reference to it as it ewas interferring with replying to craigslist ads. It didn't use to. It would go to my hotmail email for replying. Well I fixed it good and now want OE back. I have IE6x. to best of my recall.
So here's the thing. Is there a way to get outlook express for 98se and reinstall it into my IE6? My gut says no. All OEs I've looked at on the web req. ME, XP or greater as MS no longer supports 98.
Found this forum today so figgered some expert mite can direct me what to do if anything.
thanks in advance
San Jose CA

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