all I get when I start my computer is the wallpaper pic and error

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Try extracting the file from your winMe cab files from your installation CD.
Insert CD in Drive.
Boot with a full WinMe (or win98) Startup Disk (Floppy).
You may have to change boot order in BIOS setup to boot from Floppy.
If you haven't got a floppy boot disk try this site-

option -Boot with cdrom support.

At A:> prompt type ext or extract
and press enter.
Follow the question and answer routine, making sure you put for Path to Windows CAB files:-


or failing that:-

Restore To-

(Specify File Name)

ie- shlwapi.dll

Follow the rest of the yes/no routine and let it extract the file, then, when it's complete, take the disks out and reboot.

IF you have problems with EXT or EXTRACT (above) then try this-

Boot with winMe installation and boot disk(floppy) in drives
If necessary set Bios to boot from floppy first.
Choose with CDrom support.
At A:> type
(D: should be your CD drive -but it may be another eg E:)
then at prompt type

follow instructions.
Don' forget to remove disks when rebooting after restore.

If you have a backup continue with BCKUP restore.If not cancel restore BCKUP.
The system files will still be restored.

thank you....
when I insert the only cd I can find for the dell initial installation "reinstallation CD WMe" my computer won't even acknowledge it.
Forgive me, but I am pretty naive when it comes to computers but I am learning :-)

Have You a Floppy Drive ?
Have you changed the Boot sequence in the BIOS?
IMPORTANT- Read through before proceeding
BE CAREFUL You can exit without saving at any time if you are unsure !
ESC and/or Exit
To change boot sequence press F2 on boot.
Use up/down arrows to navigate to Boot Sequence
Use up/down arrows to select devices 1,2, and 3
Use +/- to change boot sequence as below-

1 Diskette Drive
2 IDE CD-Rom Device
3 Hard Disk Drive C:
4 BEV device {not active} -this may be absent

Ensure devices 1,2 and 3 are active.
Ensure device 4 is not active

If they are there will be a tick before the item number.
If not press SPACE to make active or inactive( 4 BEV device)

When You are certain you have the boot sequence set as above EXIT AND SAVE

If you think that you may have made a mistake or accidently changed any other item in the BIOS Setup EXIT WITHOUT SAVING -and start again'
When you Reboot The Floppy and the CD-Drive should now be recognized before the Hard Drive.
You should now be able to boot from either.

i don't have a diskett...but a reinstallation cd. when I start my computer all I get is the background start or anywhere to access start up info. I just get the 2 messages as I posted. I don't know how to get into the system choices...sorry but I don't understand how to access a different way :-( but learning.

It may be that the fault is on the Cd.
It maybe that the Cd needs cleaning.
This fault is easily overlooked and can cause unexpected and unpredictable errors.
If you do clean the Cd -remember to clean
from the centre out- NEVER in a circular motion.

Boy, I am really not getting something here. I checked the cd and is very clean. It says it is the reinstallation CD WMe
On my screen all I can see is my bacground pic...NOTHING else. Upon start up after being shut down, it will open to a windows screen but just for a flash, then goes dark with the flashing --- sign. then comes the background only pic with the above sated messages. I put the cd in two differenc places...nothing, doesn't even acknowledge it. ONE time as I was just random clicking trying to get something to happen, the screen came up that asked me the order of the boot etc. I was afraid to make any changes because I didn't now where the heck I had arrived to :-P (this was before the past thread) I have no idea how I got it to go there and haven't been able to do it since.
What do I need to do to be able to open a screen that says something...ANYTHINg!!!
I feel so darn stupid and frustrated :-(
Thank you so much for HELP :-)

What do I need to do to be able to open a screen that says something..-)

I think it time to take computer to computer repair shop! or follow the instructions to the letter in sparkax first post .
First thing you you need to do is go to site suggested and get a win98 boot disk file and unpack it to a fresh and clean floppy disk and use that along with the great instructions in sparkax post

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