Same problem, different history -
system AMD4 1Ghz with XP Home locking at seemingly random times.

While installing updates and patches, it crashed and entered a state of continuous reboot. After reinstalling operating system and PC Cillin, I downloaded the recommended patches and updates and updated virus library files and discovered MSBLAST.A (msblast.exe) MSBLAST.E (mslaugh.exe) and nachi.a (Dllhost.exe). These files were quarantined and then deleted. (Note: remember to deselect autorecovery).
After the cleanup, I downloaded and ran the Trend Micro Damage Cleanup a pop-up appeared that detected worm_blast.e. However, I ran a manual scan and found no viruses!?.
Subsequently, my system began periodically freezing when svchost.exe begins using 100% cpu. It happened several times when I tried to launch Explorer, although it appears to be triggered by the dial-up. After reading the posts above, I unchecked firewall, but this had no effect.
I set the RPC in Services to "Take No Action" and this appears to have solved the problem, although it is difficult to know due to the randomness of its occurrence.

Question: What if anything have I disabled by setting RPC to "Take No Action?"


I've run into the same problem with Outlook 2003 using svchost.exe to the max! This only happens when I open and e-mail to read it. Let me know if you have any sugestions?

I think I have the solution. In Outlook you have the option to run Smart Person Name Tags. Outlook 2003 > Options > Other Tab uncheck smart person name tags. This doesn't work well with Windows Messenger. Works fine with MSN Messenger 6.1. I also rechecked the box that I would participate in Microsofts "Customer Experience Improvement Program" in the General Settings under Options. Problem solved for now.

I have one PC running XP Home with Outlook 2003 and the above solution to uncheck the smart person name tags worked. I have another PC running XP Professional with Outlook 2003 and have the smart person name tags checked and it works fine, so go figure!!

My brothers comp(win2k) had this problem. svchost was using upto 70% of cpu which equaled to 100% cpu usage and made the comp extremely slow. I've just fixed it though. Go to your task manager and see if you have a program called 'winlog.exe' running. If its there, it's the problem. You can either delete it or rename it. It's located in your windows/system32 folder as 'winlog.exe' and 'winlog.exe.pol'. Do NOT delete WINLOGON.EXE, as that is NOT the problem file. Anyway, this 'winlog.exe' seems to be some kind of virus. If you have firewall software (zone alarm) you can see that it tries to send outgoing information over and over again to different addresses, which probably explains why it hogs all your cpu power. Anyway hope this helps some ppl. but, svchost is used by alot of the new viruses so other ppl might have a different cause to the prob. In my case, my virus scanners and antispy progs didn't pick it up (it wasn't msblast..or that other new one i cant remember:cheesy: .)

Lately i have re installed windows 2000 pro because a problems in my fax modem. The new windows show me an error message saying that the file svchost.exe will close the program but it did not. The cpu is runing 100% which cause an incredibly slowing down the machine. If someone can help me that could be great. Thank you, Bassel

So how do we fix the svchost.exe error? My comp whenever it gives me the error it makes it so windows explore doesn't work also the copy paste fuctions don't work anymore once i restart my comp it resets but the error always comes back no matter what it is im doing on the comp...Can someone please post the solution to this svchost.exe error? Thanks....Pexz....James....

where did you find this vestor removal tool, I cant

I figured it out!

check out my solution at

My problem was svchost.exe was taking up cpu time and it wasd increasing. I do not know why, though. I have had problems with adware/spyware and viruses. arrrggggghhhhh! But I also have a firewall. It may have been that svchost was trying to download something, the firewall was blocking it, and it had to restart and take up cpu time. Or it was communicating with some @$$hole my personal info.
Whatever the case, I followed 2 steps and my computer has been running like a champ.

Hi.I'm actually using xp pro but I have the same problem too.So here's how I got rid of this problem:
Click Start > Run. (The Run dialog box appears.)


in the open line, and then click OK. (The Services window opens.)

In the right pane, locate the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service.

CAUTION: A service named Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator exists. Do not confuse the two.

Right-click the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service, and then click Properties.
Click the Recovery tab.
Using the drop-down lists, change First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failures to "Restart the Service."
Click Apply, and then click OK.

p:s:Do not select " Restart the service".Just select " Take no action ".Press ctrl+alt+delete and click on processes.Then find out the svchost.exe that is 19800 kb in size and does not run for either " network" or " local service" but runs for "system".That should clear up.Well,it has worked for me i don't know about others...

hi and thank you so so so much, i had svchost taking up 99% of my cpu all the time but by using the help tip posted by camelNotation i was bale to fix it and it worked a treat, i am using XP pro and svchost was doin my head in so bad because it was slowing down my games (the only reason i have a PC...................OK THE ONLY REASON I DONT KILL MY SELF) so bad i was ready to buy a new computer, but with the simple instructions posted by camelNotation i was able to fix it.

so thanks

the other day when i typed netstat it stayed on the screen and i could read info ,to it pops up and closes just as quick.???

you have to either open a command prompt and run netstat from within the command window in order to see the results, or pipe the output of the command to a text file like so: netstat >c:\temp\mytextfile.txt

just open a command prompt and type netstat in there :)

Hi, This is what my error looks like. Can somebody help me?

"Windows cannot find 'C:\WINDOWS\svchost.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and click Search."

Is this the same problem as everyone else, or do I need to download a file? Thanks

Hi Sienna,

First of all- welcome to DaniWeb!

We do ask that members not tag their questions on to a thread previously started by another member (regardless of how similar your problem might seem). Not only does it divert the focus of the thread away from the original poster's problem, but it also makes it less likely that you yourself will get the individual attention that you need. Given that, you should start your own thread and post your question there.

Before you start a new thread in this particular forum though, you should have a read through this thread in our Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties" forum and try some of the virus and spyware removal programs/procedures described there. The reason I suggest this is that on a Windows 2000 or XP system, the legit "svchost.exe" file lives in the C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder, not the C:\WINDOWS folder. The presence of a file named svchost.exe in your C:\WINDOWS folder is usually an indication that you have a malicious infection.

You obviosuly didnt look very hard. This is a documented problem and a hotfix is a available from microsofts site

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