I've scoured all the articles dealing with svchost.exe and couldn't find one that quite addressed my problem.

In task manager I have 6 instances of svchost.exe running. 3 instances are SYSTEM, 1 is LOCAL SERVICE, and 2 are NETWORK SERVICE. All but one of the Network Service instances run at 0% CPU Usage. The offending Network Service runs between 45-51% CPU Usage. Here's the catch, when I plug the laptop into the Network and it grabs an IP address, the usage drops (almost immediately) down to 0% usage.

My problem is that the laptop is almost never plugged into the network, it's the District Director's machine that she uses from home. I'm very apprehensive to stop the service because I don't know what effect that will have on the machine. What should I do? Has anyone seen a situation like this? I've run a virus scan that turned up nothing.

Ok, so I ended the offending process (with great trepidation), and nothing happened. The CPU Usage went back to normal levels, and the world was happy. I restarted the computer, and BAM! the process was back! Is there a way I can terminate that extra process permanatly?

Ok, after talking with a friend, I looked up the PID of the process (968) and ran netstat -ano at the command prompt. The offending process is (don't know if this terminology is correct) running(?) on UDP ports and I don't know if this helps in the troubleshooting process at all.

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