Now... i hate to say this.. but I only have 128megs of RAM in this computer. Not to mension its PC66. If I have a few programs open, I have 20% free (I have a program running in the tray telling me). Then, if I close a program, I have less free than before. I know this is a cronic Windows problem, but any suggestions?

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In my server i use rambooster, it clears out the ram when it reaches a certain amount free.. Takes awhile and a hell of a lot of CPU, but it's definitely worth it, especially if i leave my server running 4 a week or more

Hmm.... sounds like a good idea... but the RAM program takes RAM it self ;D lol

So does internet explorer... but not much. Atleast it's more helpful than bad. As long as you set the refresh time to 30 seconds (its max, should be like 2 minutes) and use the least amount of options it offers and that would be useful for you. It takes nearly nothing.

will do alpha.. thanks for the tips

Man oh man. I wish I can tell you my thoughts on RAM Booster. Also tell you something about Cable Tweaks lol.

I'm against Win98 and WinME. I'm against RAM Booster and Cable/DSL Tweaks. Long story also man Windows XP Memory management is great like Windows 2000. Seriously get 256MB of ram. probadly get a stick of 128MB for about 5 bucks. 128MB is recommanded I say 128MB is shit. I use 256MB and a machine with 512MB no problems memory shouldn't be like Win98 or WinME seems like it is.

Try faster RAM PC-100 or PC-133 for that board and see if that does it but seriously get at least 256MB it's worth a try.

Oh and by the way PC-133 not being the fastest just for that board. Speed shouldn't matter by PC-66 is like EDO ram lol doesn't even exist no more.

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I have PC133 RAM but i dont think that helps much since its running at PC66 on my PII 300.

What's wrong with cable/dsl tweaks? I use TweakXP and just ran the optimization wizard? Was that a bad idea?

normally any operating system will take minimum 16% of the ram memory 4 its minimum working perfomance,but for much better performance it take 32% or 64% of memory from ram,so from my openion if u need good perfomance than maximum look u set u r ram memory to os as 16 or 32%,i hope u know how to do it ,it will solve u r problem,

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