I changed my Excel files to .CVS and I need to import them into ACT!
The problem in the first names start in cell C2 and the last names start in D2. ACT! only has one place for names and will not import both cells to the same field. I have tried to to merge the cells, and even tried to combine the cells and enter the formula directly, nothing. I am using Excel on a Windows Vista machine. I need to get both first and last names in the C col. any advice or ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

There is the COCATENATE function in Excel to join two text strings. You have to take care of the space between first name and last name; so all your first name fields must have a trailing space added. I've tested this and it works.

hi cebrauer, try to use this excel maco make sure that e2 cell got no value it will place the combine value of c2 and d2 on cell e2

don't know if this is the one that you're trying to accomplish..heheh

Sub xx()

Dim strcon As String

strcon = Range("c2").Value & " " & Range("d2").Value

Range("e2").Value = strcon

End Sub