Hi all
I did search before posting but couldn't find anything related to my problem so I am hoping that this will help.
I have just attached an LCD widescreen monitor and I notice that the text fades from bold to light across the screen and in some cases it is tinged green. If I reduce the page from full to small and move it around the text changes strength dependant on its position on the monitor screen. :confused:
I have never had an lcd monitor before and was wondering if it is my fault in setting it up?
I am running winxp and a gainward graphics card with the nvidia Geforce chip.
I have the latest drivers for both the monitor & the card.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks for your time. :icon_biggrin:

This is a function of the angle between the LCD screen and your eye. You will notice changes in these effects as you move your head around.

It is a property of the liquid crystals themselves. LC watches, LC thermometers, and Mood Rings also change color and intensity with the viewing angle.

It works best if your eyes are along a line perpendicular to the center of the screen. Also, the screen becomes more uniform with an increase of the distance to your eyes.

thank you MidiMagic.
I am glad its not something I did but I am sorry that I cant improve it! lol

In case anyone else has this problem-- You could try playing with the monitor settings called something like "coarse" and "fine" (what my Samsung calls it) or "clock" and "phase" (what my LG calls it), etc. On mine changing those causes/fixes the problem you explain about the light/dark fading. Might be color settings you can play with too for your green tinge issue, who knows. Good luck!

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