My pc have been constantly attacked by some virus since frequent user of net.Please suggest some method to tackle with it.I'am using AVG for my antivirus.

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Main two virus attacks are web and removable devices. AVG is not bad if it is updated frequently, but I advise you to pay for a Kasparsky for further protection. But in all cases avoid visitng untrusted web sites or using p2p applications like limewire or emule. For the removable devices, never copy any file from or to prior for scanning it. A trick i use even before openning a flash memory is to open cmd and write f: or device letter, then write dir/ah that will provide you with the hidden files and folders. I then delete every thing i find not proper using : del zzz.exe /a/f
this would minimize the chance but you will need the protection any way

are you constantly getting the same issue? or lots of different ones?

in the mean time run anti malware. select all, then remove, then reboot if needed.

if it still comes up, run a startup manager program (try glary utilities or cuper startup manager - both free) and get rid of anything that you don't need. look down each key to the end of the listing and see if it shows the run32.exe file you are hating so much. untick that key and it should fix it. there may be more than one key though so look at them all

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