O/S Windows XP
Record deck connected to pre-amp - connected to line in on PC - when playing a record no sound from speakers.
Checked volume control - Recording - line in checked - volume 1/2
Playback - volume 1/2 on line in
Have updated drivers on sound card
Sound recorder now says another application is recording................
Have connected lead from pre-amp to hi-fi and everything OK
- any suggestions ?

We have had a similair problem using a music program to actually play scores of music. It hogs the media player and when you close the music program it doe snot et go of the player and so any input although input will not play.

Check the settings on the control panem for sound and check that the box for 'use only this device' is not checked.

Eventually resolved problem by firstly re-installing the driver which came with the PC - that didn't work - but it offered the option to roll-back the driver - and problem solved !
Thanks for your help tho'