I sure hope one of you computer geniuses can help me! I am working from home as a virtual admin assistant and I am using Outlook 2000 with Windows XP. We use the AOL security, and are connected to the Internet through our cable company.

I have two email accounts set up in Outlook. The one works fine. The other, will receive mail, but when I send with that account, the email is never received. I have checked and double checked and cannot find anything wrong with my account set up. Everyone else that works on this particular project uses their Outlook with no problems.

I do not receive any error messages, nothing is stuck in the outbox.

I am sick of using their web based email and sure hope someone can help me!

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Check your pop3 settings. Make sure the server,port,authentication,etc is all correct. You should be able to compare it to your other account that works.


I have checked and rechecked the POP3 account, and have even gone over every step of it with one of my team members that uses the same account. I have everything set up properly. It still doesn't work.

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