I have had a new hard disk drive installed into my computer. the guy has split the drive into two - which seems to have upset the recognition of my memory stick into the second USB port. It used to be 'd' but this is now something else. Can I delete the new 'd' and re-instate the previous set-up. any advice would be very welcome.

Yes goto control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> disk management. Right click the D: partition and select change drive letter and path you can change this to something else this will not hurt your data. then insert your memory stick should show up as D:

thanks for advice - my control panel does not have this option showing .

Are you on windows 98 then?

Ignore freshfitz, his way only works on windows NT based systems

DOS does not handle large hard drives well. How big is your new one? Its best to have a number of small FAT partitions rather than one big one if that is the case.

thats not what he wants

you could always try and find a really old copy of partitionmagic

The way you have made it sound you have two partitions on the hdd. Is this true? If it is and the new drive does not have your operating system on it just reformat it as one partition. (make sure to move all of you stuff off of it first)