Good day folks!
I hope Im posting on the right forum.
but here is my problem.
when i surf the net,some site blocked me because im "using" a proxy server. so I checked my internet settings but found out that proxy server is off.
So my questions are:
1.]how did this happen?my proxy settings is off but some sites are saying that im using a proxy server.even sites that is dedicated on detecting IP address says that im using a proxy server.they are allshowing that my IP address is 222.blah blah.
2.]how can I fix this?
Ive googled about this but all I can find is the turning off the proxy setting in the internet options.but as Ive said,Ive already turned that off. So im lost.I hope you can help
Ive decided to post here because I cant get a file from a file hosting site because they've detected that im using a proxy server.

thanks in advance

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