i had 3 partition in my hard drive but my friend deleted one of tham.and 30G gone with it. how will i come beck it?

Do you just want to reclaim the space? or the data as well?

Hi Jbennet,
I think that wants to claim back the data aswell, and for this there are a few programs like O&O Disk Recovery and Undelete and more... I too have recently reformatted the wrong hhd in my pc and lost over 40gigs just music and iso's.. The music is no prob for me since i can get all of it back from a few dvd backups, but now i have another prob, ALL of my iso's are gone and the program (O&O Disk Recovery) does not see them. I think that it might be too big to recover e.g. COD4 is 6gigs. Anyone know of any other program that I can use? O and Shabbirfazy, if you would like to use that O&O Disk Recovery program just download it and i'll be happy to provide a key code. It is a good program tho, works great for .rar or .zip or pics or videos, music etc. Just dont see any .iso's :(

Hi Themonkman,
If you have a problem you should start a new thread, also if it was clear what the poster was after, a veteran poster like Jbennet would not need to ask.
For your problem, there are plenty of free file recovery programs available on the net, but, you should not save anything to your hard drive or partition where the files were stored. If you over-write the missing files it will be a very expensive exercise to get them back.
Search the net for freeware, file/data recovery programs (Majorgeeks is a good site) download one at a time and try them to see if any can detect your ISO's.
Lastly, to offer the serial number/key to a program you have paid for is piracy and is not allowed on this site. The owner of that program spent many hours and $'s developing the program.

Sry, didn't know that it's not allowed on this site.... Wont do that again...

Yeah no key code malarky.

basically, file recovery tools are not 100%. once you "delete" something what happens is the OS sets a "deleted" flag on those blocks in the filesystem. What this means os that data can be stored there again. Hard disks are by nature random storage, and data may be fragmented. What this means is that once you delete something, you only stand a chance with "undelete" tools so long as those blocks are not overwritten with new data. Thats why i always say that if you accidently delete something, stop using that system immediately until you find a recovery tool. That way you stand a better chance. With time and use the chance of file recovery drastically decreases.