I can't safely remove my External Hard drive: Maxtor OneTouch Mini 4. This has happened a few times, and I used unlocker but i've heard that unlocker now has a secret virus.
I also tried downloading it again last week and McAfee said it was a Trojan, and deleted it straight away.

Any help?

{EDIT} - I am installing Microsoft Updates at the moment, but to my surprise, a dialog box that said "Extracting files to X:\" X:\ being my External Hard Drive...This has happened before, but I just wanted to ask it here. Could it be affecting my HD?

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Several answers:
External hard drives (usb) may be in hte mifddle of doing somethikng and not be available to stop. tryusing the task manager and stop the process if you are sure it is not being checked, defragmented or used eg on a virus scan.!
Secondly whilst not a good thing you can just remove the USB connection. Doing so will stop it and reconnect will restart. The danger is that you may lose data if it was in the middle of saving sometning.

Some ms soft programs install to the disk drive with the largest amount of free space & I suspect this is what is happening. no probs but if you want it to install to your HD c: remove the external or tell it at customl install to use the HD c:

Check and see if you have option 'Allow Indexing Service to index this drive for faster file searching' set for the external drive (under properties for the drive). If the system is trying to index the files it would keep it busy for a while. Make sure you don't have any windows open to the drive or applications that are active that have saved to the drive recently(i.e. MS-Word will keep the drive active if you save to it and don't close or go to a different directory to save something else.).

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