Hey everyone.

My PC's had a new qwirk as of late. It seems now whenever I try to play a game, watch movies, or stay on the computer too long, it automatically shuts off and tries to restart, but before it can log on it restarts itself and continues this endless routine. If I leave it off for about 10 min, I can get back on and use it normally, and a message will come up saying that the PC has had a system error. And then, it's only a matter of time or until I try to play a game or watch a movie until it restarts again.

Sometimes it restarts after a certain amount of time, and other times it resets randomly.

I decided to open it up and sometimes one of the little fans on the motherboard is not spinning (happens about 60% of the time when I start up the computer.) I usually just give it a touch and it spins around and starts working normally. I am not sure if this could be the cause of the problem, for even if I do get the little fan to spin, it again is usually just a matter of time before my pc restarts regardless, although it does seem to lengthen the amount of time it takes for it to restart in it's endless cycle.

Anyone have any idea as to what's going on!?

Thanks for any help that can be given!

The screen just randomly goes black, the computer restarts, gets to the windows logo screen, and then restarts, and repeats this cycle until I turn the power off.

It look like a power failure..press the f8 button while boot and select the 'disable automatic restart after power failure' and then restart your system. Now system will not auto restart and its shows the error code on screen and then tell me what its saying.

Would this "little" fan be over the CPU?

Nope, it's not the cpu fan.

Anyway thunderstorm, this is what it said:

***STOP: 0x000000C5 (0x000A01F6, 0x00000002, 0x8054AF7F)

Sorry for the long reply, homework took more out of my time than I expected.

or anything its shows like following:
like this type of quotes or any other quote.

Which combinatin of motherboard and processor you have in system ?

It didn't say anything like that.

It did say something along the lines of "Beginning dump of physical memory"

I've got an ACPI Motherboard and an AMD Processor.

May be its mispair that your processor is not compatible with that motherboard or check it with another similar RAM.

I don't think it's a mispair, since I've had my computer for about 4 years and haven't had this problem until now.

As for the RAM, I will test it out with my other pc.