Hey people, first all let me apologise if this in the wrong section I couldnt find a seciton for office or just excel. So i figured windows software was my second safest bet, he hopes lol.

I'm having a problem with excel. I'm trying to write a function that will search for an email address and find out if they are un-subscribed or not. But I would like it to not just search once but do so for 500 different email addresses, as atm i am doing it all myself and their really isnt that long in a day.

EG the table would have three headers :
Search String(which is a list of strings I want to search for), List(like 5000 email addresses) and email un-subscribes(a true or false field)

I want to check if one of the "search strings" is in "LIST" and if it is return the appropriate value of "email un-subscribes"

I thought that i could use the search function but after googling it and finding a couple of massive forumales i couldnt understand i figured id go for my tried and tested method ask you guys!

I cant really post up the data cause its all email addresses etc, but im doing it on excel 2007.

If you can help then thanks a million if not, i'll just continue plodding on! Which ill be doing in the mean time :P


SHOOT - I wrote out a comprehensive answer but couldn't post it because I wasn't logged in.


=IF(MATCH(A1,B$1:B$5000,0)>0,"E-mail unsubscribes",)

A1 is the beginning of the list of addresses you want to verify

B$1:B$5000 is the master list of e-mail addresses - change 5000 to the end row of your mast list

,0 is required to ensure an exact match that is not case-sensitive

"E-mail unsubscribes" is text of your choice

The false result of IF is not available - you will see #N/A for unmatched addresses

Hope this helps,

Excellent thanks for the post I'll give it a shot and let you know how it turns out :D

Thanks again!

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