Cn anybody help me here?

When i tried opening an application i've just installed in my laptop
computer, it displays an error message and it says:


Your computer's effect property "SHOW WINDOW CONTENTS WHILE DRAGGING" is unchecked.
This property should be checked to use eyepilot(the exe file).
On windows XP system this property checkbox is located on the "DISPLAY PROPERTY/APPEARANCE/EFFECTS" dialog.
To start the "Display Property" dialog please click by right mouse button on the Desktop and select the "Properties" menu.


I tried to find where the effect property is and traced it's instructions but I still ddnt find it.

I think the problem is just in me . Can anyone give me the steps on finding this "Display Property" dialog box and fix this problem? . Thanks

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try this right click on the mycomputer icon ,go properties /then advanced tab /then the performance tab ,and its in the list there

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