This is a cool trick with which you can hide your files inside a picture.

First select the files and compress them to zip or rar and place it in E: drive also place there the picture on which you want to hide the files.

Now go to command prompt and select E: drive by typing just E:

type this command

copy /b "file1.jpg"+"file2.zip" new.jpg

You are done when you double click the new file the picture will open
But when you right-click it and open it with winrar the hidden files will be shown

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Instead of doing all these things, just change the extension of the zip file to anything you want till the time you want that file to hide and later change it back to the original one when you want to use the file.

For E.g. File1.zip to File1.txt or file1.jpg or file1.xyz


Good one..The most interesting thing is that the size of new.jpg is similar as that of file1.jpg.

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